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We have a routine with it. Firstly the new doe (assuming its just the one, less than the group theyre to be put to, or weaker characters) in a small carrycase for 10 mins. I then add the group I want to add them to and leave them all in there for an hour or so. Then I put the lot where they need to be put, on fresh bedding with the bedding from the carrycase mixed in. Its important not to put too many toys in the tank or therll be scraps over them. Theyre usually alright after that, you can add their stuff back after a while. Theyll sqeak and chase, but souldnt be anything serious. Sometimes it is, but its usually just the one offending doe. Obviously if this gets really bad take the offender out and either try her again the next day or try her somewhere else

In most cases all this isnt even needed, you can just put them straight into the tank (on fresh bedding) but weve had a few problem does so we do this every time just incase

Generally theyll be fine :)

Oh one thing weve found is adding baby does (4 weeks until theyre bigger) to a group with a dominant older girl has never worked. The bully girl draws blood from the baby. We now have a seperate baby group and they all meet when theyre of similar size
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