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Where are you located?
It gets plenty of sun
You need to define this better. "Plenty of sun" means different things to people than to plants. A balcony that is not shaded by any trees or other buildings gets "plenty of sun". For plants, "plenty of sun" means direct sunlight shining right on them.
The #1 consideration in balcony gardening is weight limits--large containers full of wet soil are extremely heavy. I've never heard of anyone doing a complete raised bed on a balcony for this reason. You put your plants in single containers, usually plastic pots because they're lighter.
So you need to check with your landlord to find out how much your balcony can support.
Also, many leases have clauses stipulating whether or not you can grow things on the balcony. So check that first.
You put your plants in containers, and the containers stand in a saucer or drip tray of some kind, so that when you water them, the water doesn't run all over the balcony and then down the side of the building or over the edge and into the street below.
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