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I have alot of time off school due to exam leave , and am going to take care of they baby mice . I'd like to know how to feed them & what to feel them & how much and other details , its either this or they all die and i'd rather me trying . so please ! any helpful infromation would be very appreciated !xx
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I very much doubt she's rejected them, please stop panicking. It was only this morning that you first mentioned that she's moved out! It's very, very common for does to move out after the babies are a few days old. Some of my does are never seen in the nest at all.

The best thing you can do is just leave her alone. You will do a lot more damage than good by making her stressed by fussing round her and messing about with her babies.

Sarah xxx
your but if worse come to worse what do you feed a baby mouse sarah ?xx
you wouldn't be able to rear mice as young as that in the unlikely event that they had been abandoned.You would need to find someone with a foster mother.Without one they would be destined to suffer a slow death and euthanasia would be kinder.Older babies can be reared.
i cant help but thing shes abandoned them because shes not feed them since i came in there and thats been 2 hours & she's walking all over them and their squeaking when she walk on top of them . she seems distracted or something . But i wont touch them , al leav it up to her :)
it's hard to help over the internet.This is a normal litter about the same age as yours.The mothers aren't in the nest.

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Thank you very much this has made me feel alot better and re-asured x
one of my girls built 2 nests, one for the babies and one for her the other side of the cage, and once they started walking around she bulit a massive wall between them. lol One of my girls if i call her will leave the nest and come over to me and another of my girls if im around wont move form the nest unless i move her but she is a nervous girl so i asume thats why.

If there fur hasnt come in yet you should be able to see if they have milk in there bellys
Right its ok :) a peeked in there and shes feeding them a feel better cause i dont know what i'd would have done if anything happend to them :(
Glad to hear. dont for get to post some photos when they get older ;)
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