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well, in dk there is a breeder who has a PEW, that's okay, BUT with her parents, it seems to be weird and impossible. but maybe it's just me.

weeeell her(the PEW girl) dad's pedigree is as far as i know like this
Dad: a/a B/b D/d c^ch/c^h go/go Rst/rst sa/sa(I don't know where the blue is from, so none of his parents gets a blue lokus that i'm not sure of who's the carrier :) )
his dad: Sealpoint siamese - a/a c^h/c^h go/go Rst/rst sa/sa
his mom is chocolate fox - a/a b/b go/go rst/rst sa/sa

her mom is as we in DK guess: Ay/A d/d or Ay/A b/b C/c^ch d/d

how can a pew come out of this? :S

that's all, hope that you can give an idea of how it can be possible, or if she's an overmarked kind of type..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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