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How big are your 5 week old babies?

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I'm curious, how big are your 5 week old babies? These guys were born 2/19 which makes them 5 weeks, 1 day.

I used a standard checkbook for size comparison.

Female 37g

Male 41g

These aren't the biggest I've had, but they are the only babies this age in my mousery at the moment.
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This thread wasn't meant to be a "mine's bigger!" type thing. lol I was just hoping to see the range of sizes and be able to make comparisons among different varieties. Also wondering if I'm on target for pale selfs in the size department.
The pale self colors are generally larger in show stock because selecting for the self color is easier when the extremities and tails are already white or light. In darker mice you have to select against white toes and tail tips which may have been the largest mice in the litter, just for example. Pale colored selfs are mostly pink eyed with Ivory(US term)/Bone/Cream (c^e/c) mouse having black eyes.
I thought about this last night before bed (nearly sleep-walking myself) as I was feeding so I grabbed out one of my elderly show type does. She weighs 72 grams. I will do more today and get pictures.
I got pics and weights of some adults but haven't had the chance to upload yet. I'll try to do that soon.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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