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honey what medicine have u got to give?
when rusty had a sniffy nose i was recommended to use liquid echinacia and hes a pain in the bum and wouldnt use a syringe and i dont blame him.
if i need to give them anything like that i either put it on a treat, usually a cheerio or if they wont take it just smear a little bit either near their face or on their tail or somewhere where theyll get the medicine off when they wash.
i was also told some things u can add to their water but i have never done this as i change the meeces water everyday so i could never measure how much medicine theyd be getting.

i dunno if thisd helps u at all honey, hope it does.

if i were u id get apollo out and play with him or give him a cuddle for a good while before giving him his medicine and then making a fuss of him again a while after hes taking it.

with rusty and smokey i get them out and play with them first, then put them back in their cage to have their echinaciad cheerio then a while later i let them come back out to have a roll round in a ball, they seem to forget all about it,... so may be worth a try...

good luck, let us know how u get on.

leigh xxx
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