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Honley 12th of June

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I am going up to this show is anyone else?

This is the first show i won a Best in show at with a silver satin u/8. I got best self and best satin! :D:D
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I'm going to this one, and I think Tratallen is coming with me :D

Sarah xxx
Of course I am!
I'm swapping car sweets from Jelly Babies for Sour Haribo this time :D :D

looking forward to it
See you all there
Anyone else going? I'm going up all by myself! Loganberry can't make this show nor Dave Safe so its going to be a rather long journey but at least i can listen to my bruce springsteen CD REALLY LOUD all the way up there! :D yippy!
Due to my being unwell, I don't think I'm going to make it to this one after all :cry:
is anyone travelling nearish to Manchester on there way to Honley? say as near as the M60?

would like to try and arrange transport for some mice back from the show. I'm sure i could make a donation towards fuel.

I would be going myself, but have family commitments.

Congratulations to Sam (The Secret Garden) for her BIS!!!!

Tratallen did make it and we had an awesome day - fantastic weather, lots to see and good company.

Sarah xxx
Yay! :)
I showed them germs who's boss and had a lovely day!
Congrats Sam, on winning BIS :D
Yay! Go my babies! Again i can not believe it i got best in show with a Silver satin u/8 and best self with a silver Ad!! I'm so proud of my kids!
Here is a picture of my best in show, thank you heather for your picture on the front of the NMC mag now i will take all my pictures like this!


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Dude check out those ears!!! I adore that mouse... I must have it... or one like it. :lol: :lol:
The litter she is out of all have the hugest ears i think i have ever had!
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