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Hello! I’ve had my mice for 5ish months now mice and I have 7. One of them has been losing fur and groom lots so I thought it could be high protein levels from research of foods and because I’m in Australia lot’s of the videos about good mouse foods brands aren’t stocked here. So I decided to make a homemade mix. How I work this out is the Shunamite
rat food home made. And I add more protein, please tell me if anything has to be changed!

1 scoop = 5%


Base mix~

Watson & Williams Rabbit & Guinea Pig Mix 2.5kg $13 (5 scoops)

((i am australian so there isn't that many rabbit mixes (rabit's arent allowed in the state i live))

Processed Grains~

Rolled oats (2 scoops)
Pasta- (half scoop Fiber Veg twists & 1 and a half scoop dino pasta)

Protien ~

Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food (1 scoop)
Black Hawk Fish Adult Cat Food (1 scoop)
Dried meal worms (1 scoop)

Herbs,veg, nuts and fruit

Coles Natural Almonds 1 scoop
carrot (fresh given twice a week) quater scoop every week
Lttuce (fresh given twice a week) quater scoop every week
Peas (7 every 3rd day)


Wild Bird Bird Seed (1 scoop)
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