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Hi all

THankyou to dom for allowing me acces to this thread.

I'm new to the mouse breeding thing probably wont show mainly because there arent any shows I can see in scotland!

I'm not planning to do prolific breeding maybe just one or two litters now and then. Even so I realise that it's impossible to keep all the babies especially the smelly boys!

Explaining to the children about getting rid of sick babbies is one thing but how would you explain the rest? All my kids are boys so don't want them thinking they gonna get knocked on the head if they ill!! (ages 9 7 and 16)

I'm wondering if I should do it on the sly? The worst thing is that they tell someone at school and get bullied or abused from kids or parents that dont get it.

I'm ok with it personally not everything in real life survives and some species do their own culling which is far more nasty.

Any help appreciated.


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If your culling for gender, then do it ASAP, ideally on day 1 or 2, the very latest day 5. This way you can use the freezer method.

In this time just tell your kiddies (At least the younger two) that the babies can't be disturbed too much cos it would upset the mums (Which is true anyway, so your not lying), so then they can have quick looks at the bubs, but not have an opertunity to count them.
That way you could reduce without them knowing if that is what you want.

Its really up to you ;) I don't have any kiddies, but i don't even tell my partner i'm culling until after the fact! lol

Willow xx
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