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Mischievous_Mark said:
1 Male Astrex (Champange?) & 2 Female Astrex ( One champange and one black) (they are either astrex or texel im not sure.

A double banded agouti male to a chocolate tan rumpwhite female

Argente male to a agouti female.
Astrex is usually dominant although there is also a rarer recessive version of the gene. However I'd expect that you will get mostly astrex with the possibility of some normals if the parents are heterozygous. Black is dominant over champagne (champagne is PE chocolate) so unless the black carries something else you would get blacks.

Banded and rumpwhite are both dominant, I don't *know* which is more dominant but I'd guess rumpwhite due to the fact that it's homozygous lethal. Anyway you're likely to get both since rumpwhite has to have a non-rumpwhite gene too, and the banded would be dominant to that. You'll also get unmarked mice unless by double banded you mean genetically it has two banded genes (in which case it won't look like a normal banded). Colour-wise again it depends on what they carry but at face value agouti tan and possibly plain agouti too.

Argente x agouti would give you agouti. If the agouti carries PE dilution you'll get argentes too (this is PE agouti).

Hope this helps. You may get some completely different mice too because you don't know what genes are carried...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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