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Hiya people, im Danielle, i have 3 rescued does, ones a chocolate self (Choccy), a brown broken girl (Daisy) and a black broken girl (Lema), all 3 were pregnant when i got them, Choccy and Daisy have both had their babys, Daisy had 14, Choccy had 10, lema is due any day now, i breed as a hobby at the moment but i would like to breed for show in the near future...

My favourite mousy colour is siamese or himalayan...

I have a 4x1x1/2ft glass tank split into 4 sections for my mouse hobby, 1 section for retired does, 1 for selective breeding, 1 for bucks and 1 for does...

I have:-
27 Mice
1 Rat
1 Dog
1 Cat
4 Fish Tanks
4 Leopard Geckos
2 Terrapins

Thanks for reading loool

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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