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I had first just decided to get two female mice. I rescued my first one at 2 weeks old from a guy who was selling them as reptile food, and i couldn't just let him kill her so i decided i'd try to take care of her. She didn't have her eyes open yet, but was fully haired. I'd dip a peice of a plastic fish bait into kitten milk and she'd lick it. Finally a week later, i'd put kitten milk on a small peice of bread, and she'd eat it. When she was about 12 weeks old i decided she needed a friend and got one from a breeder, and they have been bestfriends for life :) Well about a month ago i decided to add to my mice friends and get a brown female, well she was unexcpecedly not getting a long with either of my mice so i bought her a cage for just her, 2 days later she had eight baby mice. Now all eight babys are 4 weeks old and just sexed them today (4 boys 4 girls) and they are so cute. So now i am stuck and i love my mice and want to keep them all. Haha. I decided i loved the excpirence and want to breed them.

Thanks!! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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