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Hiya Candy
I think you have misunderstood about the ages (either that or its a typo) 8 months is the recommended final breeding age for a doe, or at least thats what weve been told, but as ian says its advised a does first litter is earlier than that. I thought ideal breeding time was 13-20 weeks? We did recently have a very healthy 8 month doe have her first litter who turned out fine (with one pup lost) but we wont be doing this again as she was past her prime and I know the risk of complications is supposed to be increased by that age, or babies may not grow so well etc. At 18 months a mouse is lucky to still be going :lol:

Brokens would certainly be a good idea for hobby breeding, we did choose them partly because of their popularity with pet keepers. You could also get more variety in colour for your studies

Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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