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Hi everyone, really glad to be here. My name is Jade and I have kept and bred mice for the past fourteen years, I love my little meecers. :D I currently have 51 mice. I also have pet rats and a small stud of Welsh Mountain Ponies. I live in Victoria in a little place called Reeves Beach which is part of The 90 Mile Beach, we are about 270km from Melbourne. I have never exhibited my mice but I would like to get involved sometime in the near future.
I am currently working on a website for my Weema-Nerang Mousery. "Weema Nerang" means little-little in our native Aboriginal language, so I thought it was a fitting name for my mousery. I currently breed self black, chocolate, blue and brindle, plus those colours in broken in long and rex coats and manx and standard tails.
I am looking foward to chatting with you all and introducing you to some of my little ones.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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