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My Name is JWitfield(internet name not real name.) I am from the US.. I have 2 mice that i saved from petco and petsmart.. I got involved with mice in an ironic weird way not the conventional aww pretty mouse lets get it deal..

I found a baby mouse running around my house in the middle of the day, and i didn't want to kill it so I caught it and was going to keep it, I read online that mice should have friends so i bought the feeder mouse so they can be happy and whatever. Anyway.. the house mouse(Bob.. Was a female I didn't know before I caught her.) decided he wanted to be free so he ran out when i was cleaning the cage and then after a bit I got Bruno.. So the story goes.

Anyway I have come on here to learn a few things about mice that I should learn.. Obsessive interests are interesting sometimes, even though you may know everything you still know nothing.

Anyway.. I have a typical feeder mouse just white she(Bobette) is pregnant i think and a male fancy mouse they said in the store(Bruno) just because he is just so evil.

Anyway I will add pics of them at some point but i only have a crappy phone to take pics with..

I hope to learn something here.
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