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Hello, my names Sarah, i'm From Sunny stoke in Staffs.

I breed mice, multi-mammates and rats of all colours and coat types.
I originally got into breeding through my exotic hobby (yep snakes) but after my original foursome of mice started producing babies of satin and long coats, i got that twinkle in my eye and it expanded from there!!

I now breed for the pet trade as well as still feeder food.

I also keep a couple of exotic species of mice including Egypian spiny, Striped grass (or zebra mice) and hairless mice too, i am currently on the look out for Pygmy dormice and Mouse-like hamsters to add to my ever growing family.

So thats my current position, hope to get to know you all a bit better soon :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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