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Herefords with poor markings?

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I'm wondering if there is a specific look to herefords if they end up with poor markings. Are there any? :D

I was wondering if it was anything like banded, sometimes causing distinctly similar headspots and such?
I have some mice, that are 'broken marked', but I think that two of them (related) are poor bandeds with headspots, and that 4 or 5 of them (related, but not to the other two) look more like herefords, with a band trying to form.

I don't know, I guess I'l making connections and getting curious. :lol:
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I have just come across this and the post has called my name. We dont have Hereford mice in Australia although look a likes are out there for example AW Dahla when she was a baby

and I currently bred her to another simalar face marking buck and Dahlia had a marked black and white with a tan/white marked belly and the othere was a black headspot actually 3 one on his face one on neck and the other on her back also a berkshire belly white markings.(could also be a irish spotted).

I will get photos of everyone if interested. I am trying to breed the face markings like the hereford.

Some help would be awsome
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The one with the marked belly has the headspots but not the face markings....... I need some help with working out who to breed the kids back to. I was told to breed the belly marked berkshire to a belly spot and minimal marked tailed boys???does that sound like a right Idea? or breed them back to the father because really neither did they get really the face markings I was looking for.
Because we dont have true hereford mice in Australia I am currently trying to start a program and breed some herefords.

At the moment they are mismarked and ramdonly seem to pop in marked litters you are lucky to get two in a litter. Tommorrow I will get a photo of the herefords I have. I currently have paired two females which are due to drop any day. 1xBlack less marked female with a belly spot and tail mark to a Hereford looking boy. and 2x hereford female to a less marked male belly and tail spot.

I am experimenting really.

I will take photos tomorow and you.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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