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Herefords with poor markings?

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I'm wondering if there is a specific look to herefords if they end up with poor markings. Are there any? :D

I was wondering if it was anything like banded, sometimes causing distinctly similar headspots and such?
I have some mice, that are 'broken marked', but I think that two of them (related) are poor bandeds with headspots, and that 4 or 5 of them (related, but not to the other two) look more like herefords, with a band trying to form.

I don't know, I guess I'l making connections and getting curious. :lol:
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As with many varieties, English fanciers, most of whom know next to nothing about genetics, have radically improved (through selection and good stockmanship) the Hereford in recent years. They now achieve decent size and type, and are even starting to win in the marked section at shows. They are not like Dutch in any way. Here is the standard as laid down by the NMC.
Eye colour to be as in standard variety. The body colour shall be that of any standardised colour. The face shall be white, extending to a V shape which terminates just beyond the line of the ears, the white going under the chin and be clean cut, but not extending down the throat. The ears and tail shall be of the standardised colour with the latter half of the tail being white. The belly shall have a uniform white marking, starting between the front legs and ending at the vent with the white not to extend up the sides of the body or down the legs. The feet shall be white. Any other markings on the top shall be considered a fault. The white areas shall be pure and devoid of any colour or staining. This is more inline with the breed of cattle and less like the self coloured mouse with a white face and feet. The belly mark is generally thought to be best as a rectangle shaped bar or line starting between the front legs and ending at the vent.....Phew, thought that was never gonna end!!. What a clumsily worded standard!
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