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Herefords with poor markings?

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I'm wondering if there is a specific look to herefords if they end up with poor markings. Are there any? :D

I was wondering if it was anything like banded, sometimes causing distinctly similar headspots and such?
I have some mice, that are 'broken marked', but I think that two of them (related) are poor bandeds with headspots, and that 4 or 5 of them (related, but not to the other two) look more like herefords, with a band trying to form.

I don't know, I guess I'l making connections and getting curious. :lol:
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i am a hereford breeder… and I also breed sib. husky… the big problem is between the mice and dogs genetic….. is not the same bat it have a lot of similar alleles… The big problem is the Nomenclature! You find a lot variety for the dogs and a lot of gen aren't found in dog… but it exist! but not found now. So is not good to cross the information's of dog genetics and mice genetics… a example: the most black dog are Ky and not aa! So the black dogs are dominant black and not recessive black.

I have a lot of examples…but jack say correctly it's very heavy to discuss in other language about Genetics.

Back to Hereford… Hereford is a own gen. Allele is wn/wn…it means white nose….
so why it have Hereford with small or incorrectly Forms? Because you have a lot of other alleles how works co-dominant or intermediary white the wn/wn… for example te/te… it means light head (this gen make blezzed or head points/lines)

So the herefordbreeder must look that he isolate the wn/wn from the other gens… that is not so easy..because when you take a normal self mouse the have a lot of modification (TE/te. or Ss or..) so you must breed very carefully …. I think that is also the declared why the typ is so small and little. Because is not good for the Hereford to make a lot of Lines out cross…

I hope you understand what I want to tell you

regards tipex
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nuedaimice: Look you have only tow Pigments the Phäomelanin and the Eumelanin... all colors that you see is only from this tow Pigments... or when this tow color are off.. it make white.... So the gen it give only the information which pigment it produce and how portion..... The Nomenclature an attempt to organize it .... mostly you have a Protein in back from a Nomenclature...

so i will make a example.... Blue... the Nomenclature is dd for blue...(in mice and dogs) but correctly it is the Myo5a you must correctly read...Myo5a/Myo5a... but that is not breeding frendly i think... dd it is easyer... but when you see a blue dog... mostly it is not a Myo5/Myo5a ... but it look same like a mice how is blue...

a lot of dogs have Mlph/Mlph so you see the same color it showing...but it is a different information/mutation/synthes for show this colors...

Or other example...the Ay and ee .... it make the same color...but Ay have healty problems..(because the synthese way it is difference to ee)

Interesting to see that a lot of breeder have only interesting of the colors...but no interesting what is the process .... that's all chemistry....Enzymes that are defective also have impacts on other chemical processes have a lot of other works ...not only for the Pigments... I know that is a high level...and it is very heavy to explain in a other hope you will understand what i will explain:)

regards Tipex
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Thanks understand what i will say:) In a very nice english:)

I think the pheomelanins you're talking about are largely absent in US mice, whether tan, red, or argente
. That is interesting... but it is not a problem of the Pheomelanins :) It is a problem that breeders don't make breeding:) They don't understand how to construct a Linie... there exist genes that are better or worse for the red colors are...

When you would to have a nice blue... and you breed the blue with you have very dark blue ... or with brown you have a mealy blue mouse... it is better to breed with colors that are compatible:)

Ay are so red because they are breeding with brown... But you can that make also with the ee problem... mice have a high reproduction rate...

But show me the would be interesting to see... and have you also cinnamon?

PS: The Tan it is not reaction with the coat color.. it is a other modification how make it red! exception is blue (dd) he makes mealy tan. ...You can make very firy red tan .... you see a good tan in a self, when they have a red ass.

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half face... it better i link this here... ... a very special in a hereford litter...

LG Tipex
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Hi Seawatch stud....

So you have breeder in the NMC how have Hereford?.... And go to Show.? Have you a link to this breeders?.. oder Pic....
and this is good standard.... clear explain... lg tipex
the belly marks have you gat a pic from this explain?... I don't understand it...

I look that the belly don't have a lot of marks...
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