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Here to learn and connect (Portland, OR)

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Hello! First post here.
I've been breeding my mouse line since 2017, originating in central Missouri. I'm now located in Portland, OR, and hoping the city will give me more connections and potential than the small-town Midwest.

I started with one pair, a male brindle and a female that I believed to be silvered grey.
Since then, my focus has shifted into brindle, agouti & satin silver self (PE black), & the resulting side colors I get in the mix. Plus the occasional oddity that pops up, like cream or PE white selfs, and these pieds that look like they're wearing pants.
I'm more experimental in my approach than set on creating identical genes among litters, since I've mainly been breeding for fun and my personal goals. My line is currently not as established in color or pattern as it is in longevity. Some of my mice have lived 4+ years! I'm starting to question if I've accidentally found the secret to immortality.

What I'm hoping to find here is more connections to breeders and potentially interested adopters. The past two years, I've raised and cared for every bean I've produced. I think it's about time I reach out to a mouse community.

I'm also hoping to expand my knowledge a bit more. I'm pretty confident in my mice, but the line still has flaws to work out, and I'm certain there's more I could learn to improve my overall husbandry.

Here's to hoping connecting with a breeder community helps me both reach these goals, and develop new ones! 馃榿
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Welcome to Portland!! Not a breeder myself, I suppose I'm a buyer, but I love your goals of longevity. Let me know if you ever get set up with a website or Facebook. I haven't seen many reputable breeders in the portland area but I'm still doing research. I wish you luck !! :)
Hello from approximately two thousand miles away!

I think I've stolen some of your weather, it's been cool(er) and rainy here, something we are very thankful for.
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