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Help :(

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Hey , well am only 16 . i dont have a clue about mice but a was walking past a pet shop and well a woman was going to feed a mouse to a snake and me been an animal lover asked her if i could buy it and i did and cought a cage now av brought it home and i fear its pregnant its bellys like a a wee bump and its being getting bigger each day , a just need some advice on how to look after the babies and help the mum out , please help me ! x
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Well, how big is she now? When exactly did you get her? Does she look happy, curious and active?
A got her from a pet shop , she's small herself but her bellies getting more like a tennis ball everyday and wee bits are poking out the side , she's fine to hold just a wee bit nervous sometimes and she's in her bed most of the time but when she comes out shes fine .
Alright, well, do you anything about how to take care of her and the babies? We could start there.
It sounds like she may have the babies soon. Give her a few squares of toilet paper or Kleenex, so she can make a nest ball if she wants to. Give her a little dried bread or dry cereal soaked with a little milk once or twice a day in addition to her regular diet, to provide a little extra protein and calcium. When the babies come, peek if you need to, but don't handle them for the first couple of days. Be sure she's out of drafts, away from too much noise and commotion, and the area she's in should be at a temperature that you would find comfy, maybe a little warmer.

Usually litters come off without a hitch; if there are any other questions, feel free to ask.
Hi, welcome, just to let you know we like pics :D
The information here should help:
I get an error message when I click on the link.
It still gives an error message. If you upload your image to Photobucket or a similar site, then copy the messageboard code and paste it into your post here the photo will appear in your post :)
am not to good with things like that , have you got a fb account ? i could add you could look at the pictures i have of her . am no expert but from the pictures i think she is pregnant . her belly's gettin bigger everyday . just type in facebook Jennifer Mclaren i should come up ! .
Just tried it but there are tons of Jennifer McLarens :roll: and I didn't know which was you. If you go to and sign up it will let you upload photos from your computer (free) and then all you need to do is copy and paste the image code it provides you with into your post here.
Ah yes she does look pregnant! And not too long to go with a belly like that. She looks in good condition though :) Have you got her in a solid walled cage? If not and she's in a barred cage you'll need to change that before she gives birth as otherwise the babies can be pushed out through the bars by mistake, which is fatal if they are not found and replaced in the nest very quickly. You can also start supplementing her diet if you aren't already.
Well today i changed her cage but shes still in a barred cage because the tank i have hasnt got a lid and she tends to jump out it , am kind of freaking out here i actually dont know what i'd do without your help . what could i use as a lid for my tank ? the barred cage i put her in has alot more room and alot more bed places but if i have to move her then i will how long do you think she has to go ?
If you have a glass tank it's easy enough to make a lid. All you need is to make a wooden frame and staple some wire mesh (5-6mm square) over it. If you're in the UK then Wickes sell this, and so do some branches of B&Q and I think The Range as well. If you think that the glass tank you have would not be big enough for her and her babies until they are at least 4 weeks old (remembering that an average litter is probably around 10 or so) then another tank could be obtained free or cheaply through Freecycle or eBay, again you'd just have to make a simple lid :)
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