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Im now at a apoint were i have some spare females to outcross into show type mice and if it fails then i still have others to fall back on.

Ive got 7 females.

4 Argentes
2 Satin Argentes
1 Dove Tan

and heres what i have in show type males at the moment that are normal and dont carry aby either.


If you can help me with what to pair up with what to get the best litters produced then that would be a great help, and what is the chances of getting abys in the litter.

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sorry mark i cant help you with what would be the best out come for colour ect but i would say that in my mind what the abbys need more than anything is better type so i would put them to the ones with best type (guessing pew)
you will not get any abbys from the breedings out crossing but all the babys from the first crossing will carry the gene so you can breed these back together to get abbys... then do it all over again, pick the best abby from that breed back to a show with good type all the babys again will be carryers breed them together and pick the best abby that comes out.

this is the way i am doing it , there is other ways like just keep selecting the best abbys from the first out cross breeding but i think this maay take longer?

or just have fun with them and experiment.
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