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It sounds like "squeak! squeak!" The babies usually "cry" for attention and milk as soon as they're born. The first couple of days they cannot be left for more than a few minutes at a time lest they freeze, so they're good at making high-pitched noises that trigger any mouse present (male or female, parent or not) to sit on them and keep them warm.

I wouldn't worry about disturbing them too much by checking on them once in a while. Mice should be bred for docility and their adaptiveness (looks like I just made a new word) to human interaction. If a female is going to eat her babies because her human looked at them to check on them, she probably shouldn't be bred further. I handle all my babies from day 1. In the past I've also handled petstore babies from day one. I think the risk of eating their babies due to touch is real, but overly exaggerated by fear mongers. :)
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