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30.oct. my doe Sisse gave birth to 8 beautifull mice. But not in the colors that I expected.

Sisse was mated with Buddy a beautifull Agouti blazed missmarked LHS( Aa Bb Ccch gogo Hshs ss sasa)

Sisse is a agouti tan SHS (Aat Bb Cch Gogo Hshs Ss sasa)

they all look ticked,

I just don't know what color they are.

so please help me here. :)

The boy named Bøvle :)



my english is not the best :oops:

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Yeah, hard to tell from these pix just what they may be. The natural lighting is weird, but this may be a case of off-color meeces who just don't fit a standard, at least for a few of them. They're very nice, all in all, just the same. This is job for use of Punnett Squares and two or three more generations. Fun for those like me who enjoy the detective process involved in this sort of thing.

Like the rest of you, I think I see blue, chocolate, silvering, and maybe lilac. *shrug*
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