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i recently put pics up of my new mice to identify them but it was just the links but i have now worked out how to get the pics up so here goes. all these mice are satin exept the curly one.

im thinking broken champagne?

kerryann 159 by kerryann1986, on Flickr

kerryann 158 by kerryann1986, on Flickr

this girl is curly?

kerryann 157 by kerryann1986, on Flickr
broken black?

kerryann 154 by kerryann1986, on Flickr
and i dont know these 2, both have black eyes and satin, ones a adult and ones a baby

kerryann 156 by kerryann1986, on Flickr

kerryann 155 by kerryann1986, on Flickr

thanks :D

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The first one looks dove (dove marked) to me. Dove is light gray, whereas champagne is light brown (that's the basics). The curly girl is eithe rex or fuzzy. She's young, right? As she ages, if the coat straightens out, she's likely rex (dominant). If it retains curl, she's more likely fuzzy (recessive). Broken black is correct. :) The black eyed white ones are either BEW or cream, I think the NMC would call it. In the US it would be called ivory satin.
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