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help on colour/marking?

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female on the right, her mother was a black tan just wondered what her variety might be am hoping to breed her with my cinnamon, anyone know what the babies might look like, she is a satin but the cinnamon isn't so probably a litter of satin carriers
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Her markings are non-standard, which you might call very poor broken. Technically, it's just called "piebald." I wonder if she isn't black or blue. It's hard to tell because you can't see much color..
her markings are black, also her hair is longer than it is shown on this picture, what do you think the babies would be, this is dad:

cinnamon i think?
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Probably all agouti, or half agouti and half black. Without knowing the grandparents and great grandparents it's hard to tell.
thanks jack :)
You're very welcome! :)
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