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Hello all! I recently came across a very interesting mouse coat that I was hoping to get a second opinion on :)

These little guys have a very short, but very consistent/even (and very soft) coat. I have hairless mice and double rex rats as well and this is totally different than that. It looks like a tiny mouse barber just gave them a very neat buzzcut all over lol. These are rescues from a feeder box so the previous owner didn't know their genetics.

Have you ever seen this before or know what it might be called if so? The closest I can find is this (4th pic down), but it doesnt seem quite right either since those seem more wooly:

It looks like their hair may be wavy, but it's so short that it's hard to tell. The white ones look more hairless than they are due to the coat color, I tried to capture it as best as I can. The coat seems short like this both in adults and in babies. Any thoughts?

Rodent Rat white footed mice Fawn Whiskers

Fawn Terrestrial animal Mouse Tail Rat

Skin white footed mice Rat Finger Fawn

Rodent Carnivore Organism Whiskers Terrestrial animal

Fawn Terrestrial animal Whiskers Grass Snout
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