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Hi everyone. I have just set up my own mousery i am looking to get in contact with other breeders. I currently just brees fancy ( mis-marked) mice. but will soon be adding texels, satins, himalayans and agoutis to my breding tanks. I am looking to buy some rumpwhite mice. i have found it incredible hard to get hold of any. does anyone know of anywhere i can get hold of some?

Many thanks :D
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Hi and welcome.It's a forum rule that websites must link back to this site :thx Enjoy the forum.
ok thanks how do i post in other areas?
can anyone tell me how i put pictures up on here?
:welcome to the forum

Most people who post pictures on here use a photo hosting site like photobucket or flicker ( If you go to them, you upload your picture and copy the web address it gives you when it's finished and paste it onto your threads on here :)
i still cant get these pics to work lol
Texel is a US term - in the UK we'd call that mouse a longhaired astrex ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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