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I'm new to the forum, but not as new to mice. Growing up I had mice off and on as pets but just recently have gotten back into mice via my snakes - now I'm starting to breed and am looking into breeding the more unique and rare types.

Currently I have three adult female mice (two solid self yellow, one broken self yellow) and a broken agouti male.I also have three hoppers (two broken agouti, one broken yellow), and a group of new born babies sired by a long haired broken agouti male and out of a broken yellow self.

I also have two ASF - a male and female.

Anyway, looking forward to learning more on the forum and hope to find my elusive merle mouse very soon.

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:welcome to the forum!!
I'm Janet, a totally newbie to this community.
Nice to see you all and great to be a part of the community. Hope to get help from you, thank!

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