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I'm from Buckinghamshire, UK and currently own 2 lovely lil meeces, Nips and Ginger (much to my cat and partners frustration!) but are looking to get more in future! :)
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i know what you mean about partners frustration! she just puts up with me really.
Hello and welcome! :)

I used to have a cat. She thought the mouse cages were televisions.
Hehe, I wish my cat thought they were televisions then perhaps she'd just watch and not touch! My mice aren't vexed by her with her nose against the cage all the time, i think shes jealous they get more toys than she does :lol:
Hello and welcome to the forum, when i lived in Hampshire my cat would spend hours watching my little critters running around just waiting for there tail to come out of the cage so she could grab it.
Welcome!!! My cat loves having 24 hour mousevision :lol: The mice must feel like big brother is watching though :lol:
Ooh! I love the mousie in your avatar pic! that kind of facial marking just looks so cute. Welcome!
Thanks everyone! I feel very welcome :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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