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hi, i`m in warwickshire and have been having trouble finding some nice meeces to start my feeder colony so was advised to join here.

i want nice big healthy pretty meeces as they are going to be my pets first and be throughly spoilt.

i had all colours of tans as a child and i think they`ll always be my favourite pattern.
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Howdy! I love to see several mice enjoy a cardboard egg carton by crawling in and out and under and then gradually demolishing it over a few days or so. I like snakes too; I did a lot of catch and realease of wild snakes in the country where I grew up, here in Minnesota. Once a collected a half dozen baby rock rattlers and brought them to my high school biology teacher who was very freaked out (he was a clueless twit)by the presence of six deadly little reptiles. *shrug* I put them back later that same day on the sandstone ledge I'd found them in/on. Li'l cuties.
When I'm feeling ambitious, I build furniture for the meeces out of scrap cardboard; there is no end to the possibilities. I like to surprise my meeces with different kinds of things in their playspace.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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