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Hello, Im Catherine. Im from Bristol and keep lots of animals. Snakes, lizards, cats, rabbits, ferrets, rats, birds etc etc.

I got my first trio of mice last night to attempt breeding for feeding my snakes as the frozen I have been buying isnt that great quality.

Although Im quite attached to my 3 already so how far I will get with that idea I dont know!

Didnt help today going in a pet shop and seeing some teeny tiny baby mice :D The Mum was running out and rounding them all up back to the nest and I was stood there going 'Awww awww look!' Infact I might have to have some when they are old enough!

Anyway, I joint today as I would like to get some really nice show standard mice and will no doubt need help when my 2 girls have babies!

Have had a read through of the forum a few times but am off to look into colours and start planning what mice Id like to get!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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