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Hello to all

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hi, im stu, i live in norfolk uk, i have bred dogs to high standards for many years, and show, judge ect, i would like to do the same with mice, i dont have any mice at the moment, still have my head in books & pc to see where to start, so any advice guidence or help appriciated.

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Hi and welcome.Norfolk,nice place to live,nightmare to get to and from though.There is a good mouse fancier lives in Norfolk.
thank-you guys for the welcome, and sarah you are so right norfolk is a pain in the bum to get to and from, but worth it its lovely here, you say theres breeders in this area ? that would be nice to know them as at the moment im trying to learn, but only so much u can read about as such, nothing better than a eyes on approach, plus i have 12,000 questions to ask lol.... it would be nice if maybe i could visit there mousery to learn and natter to them, and once again thanks for the welcome. Stu
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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