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I found this forum by accident after reading through the NMC website and following some links. They always say the best discoveries are accidents.

Anyway I'm Benjamin, originally from Cumbria but Ive now crossed the border into Lancashire. I used to keep mice as pets when I was younger - just a mix of pet quality brokens and the odd tri-colour. Then in my old job I used to breed tans for selling in the shop (yes it was a pet shop :) )

I've recently rekindled my love of mice after seeing them at the National Federation of Poultry Clubs show in Stafford in December ( I also breed and exhibit poultry - Faverolles, Frizzles and Appenzeller Spitzhauben's) so I'm on the hunt for some foundation stock to begin what I hope will be a new life time hobby showing and breeding mice. Im not decided on which variety I would like yet but the short list includes Blacks, BE Creams, Himalayan or Siamese. :D

Looking forward to getting involved on the forum.


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Hi Benjamin. Sarah's right, I'm definitely going to the Spring Cup show at Manchester in April because I'm judging - no changing my mind! I'd say the blacks and creams were the best choice for a beginner, followed by siamese and I wouldn't recommend himalayan at all (there aren't any good ones around to start with, which would make it very difficult for you to get going).
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