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Hi everyone. I'm Kadee from Texas, stuck in Illinois temporarily.

I have just started my breeding program, which is primarily for feeders. I'll eventually (hopefully) have mice that other breeders want, and I'll be thrilled when/if that day comes. :)

I'm trying to focus on dove in standard and satin coats, and I'd love to get some nice angora coats in as well. I'll also end up with some pink-eyed whites, which I'd be thrilled to have! I love PEW satin more than pretty much any other kind of mouse, lol. I am also going to work on umbrous mice, the diluted ones with argente and dove, in hopes of getting some nice ones with a defined dove stripe down the back like a (properly marked) hooded rat. It's not a standardized marking, not here at least, but maybe I could work on getting it that way or something. And if nothing else, I think it's super neat. :p

I'm going to go look through all the picture threads now. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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