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Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read my intro post. :) My name's Hannah and I live in Gloucester with my fiance, Olliey, and our vast collection of pets (cats, fish, hamster, parrot, snakes, lizards, mice etc etc.) I'm currently doing a Masters degree in animal/bioveterinary sciences, and as part of this am undertaking some zoo-based research into artificial insemination in snakes (as you might imagine this isn't as straightforward as it sounds). I also keep, breed and often rescue/rehabilitate various species of reptiles.

As you may have already guessed, I started breeding mice as feeders for snakes. This started when I took in an emaciated snake that wouldn't eat defrosted mice and would only take freshly culled. I much prefer being able to breed my own mice and give them a varied diet and enriched housing with toys etc, to ensure a good quality of life before being humanely culled, rather than buying frozen feeder mice that have been mass reared for the reptile trade. I think it is more respectful and dignified, not to mention providing better welfare for the mice in question.

Anyway, after a while I started to notice some pretty colours and patterns in my litters, and started to research the hobbyist breeders websites for info on colours and genetics. Now I've decided to have a go at managed selective breeding for specific colours and, who knows? Maybe have a stab at a couple of shows in the future? At the moment I don't have anything particularly special - a mixed bunch of broken blacks, BEWs, a single dove/lilac doe, and various marked argents, some longhaired (don't know where that gene came from :lol: ).

Although lovely, my mice are very much 'pet/feeder' types, with pointed noses and short stocky bodies - I'm very keen to start 'upgrading' my collection to show standard/type mice, so if anyone's got any stock for sale please PM me (Don't worry - my 'show' collection will be kept completely seperate from my 'pet/feeders'!) Ultimately I'd like to specialise in siamese / colourpoints, but need some practice with something easier first until I get my 'eye' in on what makes a good show mouse. Any hints, tips or pointers are of course welcomed!
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