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hello everyone =)

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i know ive posted already and i hope i dont get in trouble for it, heres my introduction.
Ive had mice while i was in texas and i hope to find some like them again, here is the link to the video on youtube, i dont know if its bad to post a link or not but here it is..

im not new to breeding small animals but i am sort of new to breeding mice. so if anyone has any tips i would appreciate it.

Im sorry if im off topic, i dont really know what to put here in my intro. :(
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Hello and welcome to the forum, good ideas for a intro are... your name, where your from what pets you have you know general bits about you.
Hello and Welcome! :cool: Look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you everyone! My name is Heather, and i live in the LA county, southern california. I have about 20 mice at the moment, sadly its half and half as far as gender goes, 10 bucks and 10 does, 2 pregnant does though so maybe ill get lucky. I have one chocolate female, several verigated bucks and does, 1 female black fox, and a couple siamese.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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