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Hello Everybody!!

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Hello everybody from MrnMrs Mice Mousery
my name is phill and me and my girlfreind charlotte have been breeding mice for about a year now and currently have 2 fox like bucks,3 cream does,1 black tan doe,and 4 self black does that are broken carreiers... oh and 1 chinese hamster lol. Some of you might know me from the old forum as my old username was mouseymadnesss. Well i just thought i would say hi to everybody and say that i am looking forward to reading all your posts and posting myself :)

Thanks all

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Hey Phil welcome!
Long time no chat!
You still got the lil black tan you got from me?
Thank you all for the warm welcome guys!! i must say the new site is looking much nicer :) :). and she isint so small now rachel lol she is a granmar haha. :p
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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