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Hi All,

My name is Lee and I am Father to three very excited young lads called Harry, Sam and Callum.
They are excited because we have finally agreed that they can have a pet mouse each.
Although they are saving hard for all the bits and bobs we have actually invested in a cage suitable for the new arrivals which will be under the Christmas tree on Friday.
Although I kept mice myself 30 odd years ago there seems to have been a few changes so we have been scouring the internet for advice and breeders and the nice gentleman at Woodland Mousery pointed me here.

My wife and I (are both secretly quite excited :) ) like the black tan and stripey mice but i'm sure the boys will have their own ideas.
So if anybody could recommend a breeder near the Epsom - Surrey area that has some young uns available I would be very grateful.

Many thanks and Happy Christmas,

Lee Whyatt.
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