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Hello All!

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Hi, my name is Melissa but most people call me Mel. I have owned mice for almost 2 years now. I started off with with 2 females as pets then got into rescue/foster when I started working at a major pet chain. I no longer work there for ethical reasons. I started studying genetics last Fall and began breeding in earnest this year. I'm your typical mouse nut I suppose, boring non-mouse friends, family and co-workers with pictures and stories constantly. Anyway, I love reading about mice and their humans during breaks at work and when I'm relaxing at home. So hello everybody!
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Woooo!! *jumps on you*

*sniffs* I recognise you! hehehee Big welcomes! I hope you like it here!

W xx
You sound kind of like me! Well, in regards to having no mice-loving friends. :?
I considered becoming a geneticist too for a very long time, but I eventually decided on Nursing (humans, that is). Anywho - welcome to the forums! There are many really, really nice and helpful people here - I am continually impressed! :D
:welcome to the forum!!
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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