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does anyone know can mice get hayfever?
because a few of my mice seem to have (human) hayfever sypmtoms
i.e sore/irratated eye, crusty nose and sneezing
i have not done anything different there cages are always kept clean and i use auboise which i know alot of people
use on here. not sure if this would be the problem but it seems a bit odd as its only a couple with this problem all the others are fine.
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Oh Maze, poor Treacle, if he seems happy and doesnt seem in pain then I wouldnt worry too much like the others have said he is probably on his way out, but at least he has you to spend them with and that is great ;)
Keep upto date with how he is :)
funnily enough treacle seems fine now. his eye has stayed better and hasn't flared up again. the only thing im worried about is the weight loss. it isnt drastic but like I said from him being so big hes pretty much the same size as my others now. he hasnt been loosing any more though, so dont know if thats a good sign or not. :roll:
all the others seem fine now as well the only one still with a problem is Pinkie with bad sneezing and funny noise breathing. hopefully she'll be alright though starbuck is better now so maybe she'll be okay too. although he was never as bad.
treacle is much better now hes actually been more active then usual!! which as shocked me as hes normally so lazy. his eye is fine now ive been continually bathing it even if it looks better and its been fine and his nose is better too!
Hes lost a little hair around his eye from where it was sore it looks funny but apart from that he seems ok, he been eatting more aswell :? which is weird as I dont see why a sore eye would make him not eat so much.
The other ill ones are still a little sneezy but not as bad as they were so hopefully I'm doing something right!!
Im happy with how things are with them now as they are getting better.
Anyway this can be closed now if you need to.
Thanks for all your help!!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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