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sorry to hear you are having problems, you are probobly starting to find that the more mice you have the more problems you encounter, sad but true. we've all had our fair share of them. I'm afraid alot of the time mice just get ill, i've battled for years for healthy strains only to get some foreign virus come in and it can becso frustrasting. im happy to say im doing good at the moment.

what sarah means by clearing them out is getting rid of them or culling them. I have recently made the descision to stop breeding through my chinchilla lines as have been finding health probs, its the only way. as for over grown teeth, its not something i've encountered, but loosing weight quickly can be a sign of many things with mice and usually ends up one way i'm afraid. The mouse could have caught a virus and reacted badly, or reacted to alergens, do you use airfreshener or anything near them?
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