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does anyone know can mice get hayfever?
because a few of my mice seem to have (human) hayfever sypmtoms
i.e sore/irratated eye, crusty nose and sneezing
i have not done anything different there cages are always kept clean and i use auboise which i know alot of people
use on here. not sure if this would be the problem but it seems a bit odd as its only a couple with this problem all the others are fine.
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hiya thanks, but im not sure if I shud go ahead and use that if im not sure whats wrong with them?
I bathed their eye, and this morning its much better but still a little red. I'm just confused why they're all getting
these problems at the same time and not sure what to do. it very much seems like they have hayfever but i dnt know if mice can get this. 2 of them have a sore eye and one has sore nose and 2 of them are sneezing although one does seem to be a little better. the sore eyes seem to come and go which i dont get. but one of the sneezing ones seems to be breathing funny also she is one of my older mice and has never had any problems before. I listen to the sound and there isnt any clicking it sound like her nose is blocked hence why I think its hayfever. I've bought some ecinacea for the sneezing as I thought it might've been a cold but if its not what use is it. im just at a loss of what to do. :?
Do I just wait it out? or is there something I could get? Or should I change their auboise litter? I've not know of anyone else with a problem and they've used it for quite a while now with no problems its just recently.
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okay, well any ideas on what I should do?? :?
okay I will do thank you v.m, and what do you mean by clear them out?? :? sorry if this is a stupid Q.
Also another thing dunoo if i should open another thread for this, but one of my mice has lost weight and I have noticed him stuggling to eat, how do you tell if their teeth are over grown?? I do have wood blocks but doesnt seem to use them. probably a trip to the vets.

:roll: so many things lol
thank you very much vivian I will try the baby food method and put in some vitamins for them hopefully this will help. I'm going out today to buy some things for them like teatree oil and eye drops and a better cleaning product as the one i have is bloody rubbish.
Hope all this will help. Their eyes look a lot better this morning. :)
yes i do seem to be having bad luck :( ...i feel like ive done something wrong as so many things seem to be going wrong with them!
it is my mouse treacle who seems to have lost weight, he was extremly chubby only a week ago but ovbiously from being so big i can see the difference. he isnt underweight though. im just worried incase he does though. he is an old mouse so maybe this might be the reason.
I just checked his teeth and they dont look overgrown, so it must be old age. :cry:
I was planning on breeding him as he has such a wonderful personality but obviously it would be a bad idea now. As for culling I wouldn't cull any of them even if I had planned on breeding them it just means I can't do it now with ones that aren't/haven't been well.
no, well treacle was a rehome from angelmouse she said hes about 11months but he doesnt have breathing problems hes got the sore eye and weight loss but the eye is getting better v.quickly. The other one of mine with the sneezing and funny breathing atm is pinkie and shes about 7 months old, the other couple are new and quite young 4 months and 3 months.
i hope so!! Sorry to hear about your ratties :( .
I just hope they get better soon, im prepared to buy whatever they need to get better. but know that a lot of
AB dont really help that much.
Just guess I'll keep my fingers crossed!!
Thanks so much for your help
funnily enough treacle seems fine now. his eye has stayed better and hasn't flared up again. the only thing im worried about is the weight loss. it isnt drastic but like I said from him being so big hes pretty much the same size as my others now. he hasnt been loosing any more though, so dont know if thats a good sign or not. :roll:
all the others seem fine now as well the only one still with a problem is Pinkie with bad sneezing and funny noise breathing. hopefully she'll be alright though starbuck is better now so maybe she'll be okay too. although he was never as bad.
treacle is much better now hes actually been more active then usual!! which as shocked me as hes normally so lazy. his eye is fine now ive been continually bathing it even if it looks better and its been fine and his nose is better too!
Hes lost a little hair around his eye from where it was sore it looks funny but apart from that he seems ok, he been eatting more aswell :? which is weird as I dont see why a sore eye would make him not eat so much.
The other ill ones are still a little sneezy but not as bad as they were so hopefully I'm doing something right!!
Im happy with how things are with them now as they are getting better.
Anyway this can be closed now if you need to.
Thanks for all your help!!
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