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have you played fish tycoon or plant tycoon?

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they are like these "breeding" games where you breed fish in fish tycoon and plants in plant tycoon! i always thought they were really fun because it gets into genetics kinda and you know what to breed together to make certain stuff.

i was thinking it would be so fun (and helpful!) to have a mouse tycoon! that way it would show you what babies can be made with certain varieties and stuff. i wish there was a game like that! or a chart haha :lol:
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my goodness that would be amazing! Somebody should acctually make a game like that (hint to anyone techy)

Now that you've said fish tycoon, gunna find out how to get it. Do you have to buy it or can you download it for free??
well you can buy it or download it illegally haha so its just however you feel about doing that i guess. its a fun game. and so is plant tycoon. what you have to do is breed together certain fish/plants until you discover the 7 magical breeds. and you also have to make money at the same time by selling your fish/plants
Ive played both these games, they are great but annoyin at the same time. Took me ages to get the last magicial fish!
haha same here! so i stopped playing for like months and then one day i decided to play again and i found it right away :lol:
could anyone send me a link to get the full version? :oops:
Of the fish one that is ^_^
well i could send you a link for a torrent. do you use torrents?
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