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Harrogate small animal show 2012

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So who's going to the show next year?

Any one in/around Leicester going? If so, can I ask for a lift for my boyfriend and I? Happy to pay our share of petrol. :D

If I can find a way to go I want to try and get some good show/show-line mice to get me started.

also can I buy maxeys at the show?

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WillowDragon said:
I'm looking to it even more now... :D

Not looking forward to the train journey though! hahaa I have to get up at 4am! :shock:
:eek: I cant remember the last time i saw 4am lol
I have to get the first train from bexleyheath to be able to get to kings cross in time for my train to york at 7am! Ack! hehee

Shouldnt be too bad, I get up at 5:45am regularly for work.
ouch I can only see half the show sadly -my train gets there at 12. (unless I wanted to pay high-peek fairs! £70-90+)
Yeah, my ticket is £92... thats the cheapest i could find it. and it'll take me over 5 hours of travelling to get there.
:eek: wow. I could either spend the extra for the day or use the extra money for the auction.

And I really need some new mice to get me going in to the world of showing!
the only thing that will tempt me in the auction is if there are some truely stunning ivory/cream or champagne satins in there. lol
I want nice blacks -but then I fear lots of people will.
i have a feeling you would be right!
We will be knackered together then Katie Ive got to leave at 3:30am to get there in time for the penning, lots of coffee and cake for all I think!

I am so looking forward to this show.
I think I will be up for 6 oclock to leave about 7 and arrive in time for getting the mice on the table! (fingers crossed) I still dont know what I am taking yet though :?
Don't suppose anyones passing through or by Stoke? :| I can put towards fuel if need be...
I might go but dont think my mice will be old enough :D
Whoever does go please take LOTS of great photos! Us poor Yanks don't know when the 2012 season of showing starts and we are mad jealous of you! :) I would love to see a whole post of great photos!
According to the website, photo's are NOT ALLOWED to be taken in the show hall at all. They are really cracking down this year, since they have had trouble with 'fluffies' taking pictures of animals in pens and putting them everywhere screaming animal abuse.

So if anyone does try to take pictures in the show halls, be careful, you may end up getting chucked out.
UGH..that stinks! I really wanted to see. That does however explain the lack of photos from shows. Poot. I wanted to live vicariously! Well lord knows, don't get in trouble!
My god, at mammal shows too? i've heard it all now, we have enough crap from Activists at rep and bug shows, slating us and saying how we sell wild caught animals in takeaway style tubs with no food, water or heat, rawrrrrr! can't take pics at them anymore either and need membership cards to get in.

I mean, you don't go to a petshop to buy a rabbit and transport it home already set up in its hutch do you! you buy it out a cage, take it home in a cardboard box, THEN set it up :? Some people are so stupid and have nothing better to do than make up stories about others to try bring them down!
Candycorn, I'll make sure I post pictures of the mouse shows scheduled in February :)
Its more the people that are 'these poor animals, bred to death just for thier looks and forced to sit in tiny pens or boxes to be poked and prodded at by judges' blah blah blah...

Its only going to get worse, what with the petition by the RSPCA 'Bred for looks, Born to Suffer'... granted thats only for Dogs at the moment, but it will get worse.
Of course it will get worse. I wonder how long it will be before these fluffy mentalists will finish animal exhibition forever :evil: :cry:
Hopefully not in my lifetime.
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