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Harrogate small animal show 2012

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So who's going to the show next year?

Any one in/around Leicester going? If so, can I ask for a lift for my boyfriend and I? Happy to pay our share of petrol. :D

If I can find a way to go I want to try and get some good show/show-line mice to get me started.

also can I buy maxeys at the show?

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The club puts a reserve of £10 per trio although owners are entitled to put a higher reserve on their animals.

edit to add that the starting price has been raised to £15 per trio this year.
The even was owned by Mick Shutt and won best marked but shortly after it's arrival on the show bench another even owned by Joe Bennet was unveiled which went on to eclipse that one,winning BIS a few times.
Joe's Even marked .
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ekimsivad said:
I'm intrigued by the thread relating to animal liberation fanatics/tree huggers/fluffies, call them what you will.
there isn't a problem with mice.I think there are a few issues with some rabbit varieties like mini lops attracting more pet orientated people and probably caveys and rats.People in the mouse fancy don't accomodate for pet animals generally so these people don't really fit the in same as it's always been.The internet provides a medium for birds of a feather I suppose as well.
WillowDragon said:
Don't get me wrong, I have many friends who are 'pet people' I respect them and thier right to be 'pet people'... then there is a step up to 'anti-show, anti-breeding, anti-buying, rescue only people'
I agree with this completely.I have my own pets and love them as much as the humans I know/love,no more or less.I don't expect to be dictated to by fluffy extremists though.
we took pictures and videos last year,no one said anything.I've still got the video ,have to try and get it uploaded and linked to here.I'm hoping for a nice day,lunch at the pub,I'm joining the British Rabbit Council and getting my first ever rabbits and judging best in show.Can't wait :D
1 - 6 of 81 Posts
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