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Harrogate small animal show 2012

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So who's going to the show next year?

Any one in/around Leicester going? If so, can I ask for a lift for my boyfriend and I? Happy to pay our share of petrol. :D

If I can find a way to go I want to try and get some good show/show-line mice to get me started.

also can I buy maxeys at the show?

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Im going driving all the way from Kent, Ive done it before but hiring a car this year as mine wont make that distance so unless Santa puts a new one under my tree its a hire car... lol

Really looking forward to it.
I cant wait to see the mice as well as the other animals.
Out of interest is there a mouse auction at this show? I know there are auctions for Cavies and Rabbits.
Ah I dont think thats a bad idea at all. Ive sent off my form for membership, have to save a few pennies incase there is anything that I like. Whats the saying you get what you pay for. I would like to try to start off with mice the best way I can.
I do think it is something that should be done across other fancies as well good stock is not to be undervalued.
We will be knackered together then Katie Ive got to leave at 3:30am to get there in time for the penning, lots of coffee and cake for all I think!

I am so looking forward to this show.
Ive paid for a pass to take photos at Harrogate, from what I heard they wanted to be able to monitor who is taking photos because of the reasons Katie gave.
Im not sure, it was only something like 50p had to pay for it with my entries.
Yes I can second that in the cavy fancy. Im afraid while I have some favourite guinea pigs I regard them more as stock but that doesnt mean that they dont have anything but the highest standard of care which they do. Say that to some of the fluffs and they would go off their rockers. It is something that recently has made me question my dedication to it, even as a show secretary.

I find the mice fancy a real breath of fresh air so many aspects of it are straight to the point which I like.

In the rabbit fancy many old fashioned long term breeders do cull their rabbits many of them eat them as well but it is something that darent be mentioned.

Sorry off topic!
No problem with me Katie you know I agree with you there.
My passes came today for the show. Katie the press pass is a little card on a ribbon with a safety pin......
I will probably forget to take my camera knowing me!

Oooh what rabbits are you getting Sarah?
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