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Harrogate small animal show 2012

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So who's going to the show next year?

Any one in/around Leicester going? If so, can I ask for a lift for my boyfriend and I? Happy to pay our share of petrol. :D

If I can find a way to go I want to try and get some good show/show-line mice to get me started.

also can I buy maxeys at the show?

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Whoever does go please take LOTS of great photos! Us poor Yanks don't know when the 2012 season of showing starts and we are mad jealous of you! :) I would love to see a whole post of great photos!
UGH..that stinks! I really wanted to see. That does however explain the lack of photos from shows. Poot. I wanted to live vicariously! Well lord knows, don't get in trouble!
WOW!!!!!! Droolworthy! Thanks for taking the time to post those!
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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