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harrogate january 30th

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There wont be any mice or mousers there on the saturday, sorry. The mouse show is only on the sunday.
Oh darn. I might have to change to sunday then. Only problem is that the sunday trains are usually a pain :/ I hope they're not.
Just a reminder that a bunch of us are staying at the crown hotel in Harroagte on the sat night before the show. We hope a few more of you can join our happy throng. ;)
I'm so annoyed I can't go!! I may not have been able to show, but I might have been able to steal some mice! hehe
We'll have big bad bandit with us so after dropping off the mice and a quick chat he'll have to go for a walk.I'm looking forward to socialising after that.Tut.My mother doesn't know it yet but when her old dog throws a seven she's going to be dog sitting for me on show days.Mark has treated himself to an expensive camera that also films so hopefully he can film a snapshot of the show including the all important finale and upload it onto the face book page for posterity.If it's successful I hope to get some close up film of actual BIS mice at a few venues so that people can really get a good idea of a good example of a particular variety.
I don't think I'm going to manage to get in at the crown :( Anyone staying at the premier inn in Hornbeam?
I am not going to be around much (if at all) on the day of the show. Can anyone I am taking mice up for PM me so I don't forget them and can label the boxes. Anyone picking mice up from me will need to talk to Heather, Gary or Sam.
Aw why not? Are you showing any of your mice?

Looking forward to seeing people at the show :)
I am still showing mice, but wont be around in person. I will try to remember all the zillions of mice I'm bringing up for people. I really should write stuff down.
Thanks to you :p I just hope I won't be found out for bringing mice on the coach xD
I was travelling with some on the train the other day and I didn't get told off, but I got mixed reactions. Some people were sat squirming, others going 'awww', one group of kids even took pictures and asked if they could hold them, it was quite funny really.

I hope they're as nice on the coach :D
I don't care when i'm travelling with my animals! I have travelled on the train with mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits!! If I think they are tame enough to hold, I hold them, I take the lids of the tanks and play with them! hehe
I've never had anyone say anything bad to me, most people ignore it, but some have been interested.

K xx
You used to have to pay for dogs travelling on buses and trains do you have to pay for a rabbit lol.Its a shame but alot of people dont like mice, My Cousin is absoloutely petrified of Mice she doesnt know I keep them if she did she wouldnt call at the house :D She cant go in Her garden if theres a dead one lying there.
Never paid! I've even had a ticket checker see me with animals and never said anything, just smiled LOL

Oh... and for people going to this show, I read its going to snow, so stay safe while travelling!!!

W xx
Hehee Unfortunately I can't go to this one... I am going on holiday to the US
I sold my soul to the devil at work........I can go to the ball after all :D

Entries in.....see you all Sunday xxx
WHOOP! My entries are in as well, a grand total of seven mice! Tratallen, so pleased you could make it after all, I'd have been looking at the empty passenger seat with tears in my eyes the whole way there and back :D

Sarah xxx
The perfect cue for an 'Awww' there, me thinks! xD
81 - 100 of 136 Posts
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