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Hampton, Virginia, USA - February 2014 Mouse Show

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Inaugural Fancy Mouse Breeders Association Show
When: February 15 , 2014

Where: 2nd Annual World of Pets Expo
Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton Virginia
Room Reservations:
Red Roof Hampton Coliseum & Convention Center

$43.99 standard. $48.99 Superior King or Double Deluxe
Located only 2 blocks from the convention center.
Smoke Free. Pets are welcome.
1925 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA 23666
Call the hotel direct for reservations:
Use Rate Code - VP 611949

Show will be members only.
Show is $30 dollars for ½ a table with up to 10 entries to the mouse show. Each additional mouse is 3 dollars entry fee. $10 dollar extra for an entire table. - All costs go towards shows and club support.
Pre Show Registration:
Exhibitors need to be registered with FMBA so the WoPE knows who to give the exhibitors passes to, and so name badges can be made. Those who do not pre-register will have to pay daily admission when they arrive.
Mice will be assigned numbers and show tags for the show cages will be handed out to affix to your cage.
1 month
During quarantine you may not bring in any new animals, of any species during quarantine. This includes live feeders.
No unexplained deaths.
No signs of illness, disease, or parasites.
Show Rules:
This show is a unique opportunity to interact with the public. The World of Pets Expo invited us to be an education booth at their expo, and provide entertainment. Good behavior and a positive reception from the public will determine if we are invited back next year. We are there to provide education to the public about mice and the care and exhibition of mice.
• Keep conversations PG, friendly, and family fun.
• All mice must come in fresh cages that are clean and tidy. Preferably in aquariums or large kritter keepers. Presentation is important.
• No selling animals or merchandise to the public. Trading amongst members should be done before/after expo hours or quietly during the show. Ideally sales should be prearranged and monies exchanged outside the expo.
• Refrain from allowing the public to handle the mice. There will be dogs, cats and other pets on leashes.
You do not have to stay at the show booth the entire day. There will be many vendors at the show selling pet supplies, art, and other stuff. We do encourage people to stay throughout the day to keep the booth looking full and active.
When you arrive, if you are pre-registered, please enter through the Vendor/Exhibitor entrance. You will need to check in. They will stamp your hand or give you a bracelet. When entering/exiting the expo please be sure they can see the stamp/bracelet.
They will open the hall to exhibitors/vendors in the morning before the public is allowed in, during this time we will need to setup. We will have a short period of time to do health inspections before the hall opens.
9:00 - 10:30 Health Inspection
10:30 - 12:00 Prep Mice for Show
11:30 - 12:00 Judges Meeting
12:00 - 4:00 Class Judging
5:00 - Best In Show
7:00 Show Hall Closes
7:00-7:30 Clean up

8:00 Dinner at a Local restaurant

For details and more please look at our facebook group!
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I'm going! And the mousery's bringing a LOT of extras, or should be. I've paired up a truly silly number of mice, because every time I go to a meetup, I find that I do not have enough for folks. Hoping to see a bunch of you East Coast peoples, especially the ones too far south to make it to the Pennsylvania show in the Summer.
Anyone can go, but if you're not an exhibitor, you'll have to pay entry to the Expo. If you are exhibiting aka showing, you'd have to join the club, but dues are just $10. Exhibitors get in free.
Oh cool. I'll be there then. 6 and 1/2 hours isn't a bad drive.
yay! We will be glad to have you!
I see it says no animal sales, does that mean no mice will be sold there?
It means no sales to the public, mostly. If you're swapping mice with another breeder, handle the organizing and money hand-over off-site. I think the girls (Tara and Katie) said that we could do the actual trades on site (discreetly), but definitely no sales to the public.
Oh, pity. I'm in need of some good healthy breeding mice, but there aren't any breeders near me. :/
Are there ever any mouse/small animal expos like Repticon for reptiles and exotics?
You can reserve a mouse from one of the breeders who is attending the show, and just pick up while there at the show. It means we can not sell to the general public like a pet store. But pre-reserving mice is fine.
Ah, okay. How do I go about contacting the breeders? And finding out which are going?
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